How much will it cost to ship the mats?

Shipping rates depend on your location and number of mats you order. Small quantities of folding mats (1-5) can be shipped by UPS.

Sample rates for tatami mats

Quantity Location 20 50 100 Miami, FL Vancouver, BC Calgary, AB St.John's NB San Antonio, TX Buffalo, NY La Angeles, CA Savannah, GA Toronto, ON Winnipeg, MB

Where are they made?


Which mat is best for me?

When purchasing a mat you should consider the following factors:
- Do you require portability?
- What is the application for the mats?
- Who will be using the mats?
- Are you setting up the mats frequently and how important is the ease of set-up?
- What is your budget?


We at Hatashita feel that the tatami style mat is the most suitable for most martial arts and defensive tactics.
- It is the longest lasting and most versatile and is comparable in cost to most other kinds of mats.
- The tatami mats provide the best return on investment with regard to styles of martial arts that can be offered. You can now offer judo, mma, grappling, aikido, tkd, hapkido, defensive tactics etc etc and have the confidence that you are using the best mats in the world. This will bring more income to your club if you wish to expand your product offerings.
- They will provide many years of performance and when amortized over their life span there is no better investment.
- There is always a market for used mats that command a top dollar even after 5,10,20 years of use! Considering it is not unusual to sell used mats for up to 80% of purchase price even after many years of use. So, you can always sell your mats many years later if you upgrade or your programs as the dojo change.
- No maintenance
- Fast surface
- Excellent absorbing qualities
- IJF approved

Folding Mats

Folding mats offer many attributes that tatami can not offer while providing excellent performance. They are most suitable when portability, weight and set-up are factors. For example, we supplied the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) with their mats because they demanded a high performance mat that can be easily and quickly laid and picked up after the event.
- Portable
- Lightweight
- Easy set-up
- Excellent absorbing properties
- Ideal for most martial arts and grappling
- Easily stored
- No maintenance

Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats are the most economical matting option.
- Excellent for standing sparring, karate, tkd and some defensivetactics
- Lightweight
- Easy set-up
- Durable

MMA / Wrestling Mats

These are ideal for large areas that require portability, performance and fast set-up.
- Lightweight
- Easy set-up for large areas
- Excellent for impact and shock absorbing
- Easy storage
- Very long life span
- Multi purpose

Confused? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction and provide solutions.

How long will the DAX tatami last?

10 to 20 years. Although we know of DAX mats that are still being used that are older than 20 years.

Is there a guarantee on the mats?

Yes, 3 years on any manufacturing defects.

Who uses the DAX mats?

They are primarily used in dojo's and institutions but are also used everywhere from your home gym to the Olympic Games. In addition to the 100 of clubs we have supplied here is a short list of the larger organizations that have chosen mats from Hatashita:

- Pan Am Judo Championships
- U.S. Army
- World Judo Championships, Cairo, Egypt
- Sydney Olympics
- Canadian Armed Forces
- World Master's Judo Championships
- Canada Winter Games
- Government of Georgia
- Vancouver Police
- Duke University
- University of Alberta
- University of Waterloo
- Mixed Martial Arts Expo
- Eastern Athletic Club
- Lansing Community College
- City of Detroit
- Tallahassee Community College
- Philadelphia Judo
- Judo Manitoba
- Boys and Girls Club of Canada
- Lackland Air force Base, San Antonio
- Ann Arbor YMCA

Folding Mats

Our folding mats are primarily used at institutions because they are made for commercial uses.
- Aikido Yukon - North American Grappling Association NAGA
- Department of National Defence
- Nickelback

Why do you recommend 4cm over the 2cm tatami?

There is a small difference in price between the two thicknesses but a large difference in applications between the two mats. The 4cm mats can be used for all forms of martial arts as well as defensive tactics training, self defense and grappling while the thinner mats are limited to standing sparring and grappling.

Are tatami good for defensive tactics (DT) or other hand to hand combat?

Yes. We have supplied mats to many institutions and training facilities. They have become the standard DT mat in the industry. The RCMP, U.S. army, police forces and many military training facilities train on tatami style mats.

How long does it take to deliver?

3-10 days depending on your location. Typically we have 1000's of mats in stock and can ship days after payment is received.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept checks, bank wires, direct deposit and we can accept credit cards but a percent of purchase service charge will apply.

Do you provide payment terms?

No. We offer excellent value, fast delivery and the best mat available on the market. Company's that offer payment terms make money on financing and we prefer to leave this up to the banks and other lending institutions that can meet your needs better than us. We are a mat company not a bank. Your bank or financial institution can offer you much cheaper financing than us.

How do I figure out how many mats I require?

A simple rough estimate is to divide the total square feet of the area by 21. This will give you a very rough estimate to how many mats you require. A more precise calculation would be to:
- Divide the total length (in inches) by 39", rounding down the result will give you the number of 1Mx1M mats you will require on the length.
- Divide the width (in inches) by 39". Rounding down the number will give you the number of 1Mx1M mats on the width.
- Multiply the number of mats on width and length, divide by 2. This will give you the total number of 1Mx2M mats you will require. If you have any questions or would like us to calculate the number of mats please send in your dimensions and we can do the calculations.

What prevents the mats from shifting and moving?

The mats have rubber soles that prevent them from shifting. The rubber waffle bottoms prevent much of the slippage if used on a temporary basis. We do recommend that if the mats are laid down on a permanent basis to prevent any gaps appearing the mat area should be framed. A 2"x4" or 1"x2" frame is sufficient to keep them from moving.

How do Hatashita mats differ from other mats?

All our mats are made for institutional and commercial use. This means even if you are using them at your home or for recreational purposes you can have the confidence that the mats you are using are made to a very high standard using only the best materials.

3 year guarantee

Our products are made specifically for martial arts and defensive tactics applications. IJF (International Judo Federation) approved. Used at the Olympics, World Judo Championships, Canada Winter Games, NAGA (North American Grappling Association), Pan American Judo Championships.

Which folding mat is best for my use?

80% of the mats we sell are the M200. They are specifically designed for martial arts. They are firm, light, heavy duty and are suitable for throws. They are by no means a soft mat which makes them suitable for all forms or grappling and jiu jitsu. Because of their firm nature they are also excellent for standing sparring, DT, judo and other stand up fighting. Kuma M100 Home Folding Mats: low cost, light duty, ideal for stretching, light exercise, yoga, children's activities. Kuma M300, Double Density Mats: 2.25"; ideal for standing sparring, grappling. Specially designed for high impact throwing but firm enough on the surface for excellent foot movement, and grappling.

Can the mats be cut or shaped to fit around posts or other objects?

Yes. The tatami mats can simply be cut with a straight edge. If you want a more professional finish the back of the mats can be cut open, foam removed and the remaining vinyl can be refolded and fastened with contact cement.